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turf remnants and scribbles on a notepad surrounding a huge lightbulb

Do you have an abundance of turf remnants and have no idea what to do with them? Read THIS to find out some creative ways to reuse & recycle your leftover turf…

brown dog lying on grass looking at baseball with the words 'turf for dogs' inscribed on it

Are you wondering whether or not turf will be able to handle your dogs’? Read this article to learn what kinds of turf is best for dogs, and how it can even benefit your dogs…

man spraying artificial grass with water

Artificial Turf / By Turf Envy

You may say to yourself, why do I have to worry about the maintenance of my turf? Many people believe that once they opt for it, artificial turf upkeep is out the window, but that is not true. The way turf is designed, woven, and coated with polyurethane layers, over time it will absolutely have some type of build-up or imperfections…..

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