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6 Artificial Grass Design Ideas to Enhance Any Yard Space – Turf Envy

Looking for synthetic grass layout ideas for your next turf installation? Turf Envy shows you some ways you can use artificial turf to transform any outdoor area.


Idea #1

This lawn makes use of a variety of textures and surfaces. The decking makes the out of doors area an extension of the indoor area. The pathway creates stability and symmetry. Lighting alongside the route provides a great environment. The synthetic grass provides a burst of color and herbal warmth to create a stylish, cutting-edge pool area.


Idea #2

This layout contrasts the colorful artificial grass with the wooden border fencing to make the lawn experience private without feeling too small. It opens the gap like a luscious carpet with a paver walkway to offer a truly highly valuable experience. The artificial grass stands proud in opposition to the wooden fencing to create an enjoyable area for fun and entertaining.


Idea #3

The artificial grass border of this design is interesting, and the wide and curved lines make it interesting. Add texture and color with stunning flower beds. The grass looks as green and vibrant as real shrubs and plants blend in and show how natural the artificial turf can look. The curved edges are combined with various natural plants and plants to create an elegant and beautiful garden.


Idea #4

This garden design uses a terra cotta tile path to break up the artificial turf and add character to the space. The re-designed shed is an ideal place to cool off in the shade, where you can relax, have fun and dine. The realistic green lawn and wooden bench together create a comfortable and warm environment.


Idea #5

This garden plays with height and creates new areas. The top level is a good place for entertainment, and the couch and table set shows individuality. The white wall creates different parts and divides the room. Artificial grass stands tall, adding a touch of green to the backyard.


Idea #6

The clean lines and natural textures are stylish and modern in a simple style. This is a large and elegant backyard. Artificial turf is an excellent choice for this space because it would difficult to maintain real grass in such a large yard. Aim and create a sense of calm in this exquisite space.


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